Perhaps the most impressive aspect of our software is not its advanced diagnostic and prognostic capabilities, but its ease of use. We’ve been involved in the marine industry for over 25 years and realize the absolute necessity that shipboard software be easy to use by the crew. We’ve designed DEXTER to be intuitive and so easy that novice users can be trained in less than one hour. Yes, it’s that easy.

DEXTER is designed to do work for the crew, not create work. Its rich set of features can be put to immediate use to start saving money by improving machinery reliability. There simply is no other software product on the market today that automates the CBM process anywhere near the extent that DEXTER does. Once you try it, we think you’ll agree. In fact, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. We invite you to take a look at the following features and compare DEXTER’s capabilities to any other machinery health monitoring software. Our software is feature-rich, powerful, and will bring you many money saving benefits.

Automatic Data Acquisition

Gathering data automatically from multiple sourcesDEXTER can acquire both real-time and off-line data from a variety of data sources; directly from sensors and via interfaces to existing automation and external databases.

  • Completely automatic & reliable

  • Continuous capture of equipment performance

  • Consolidates information from multiple data sources

  • Eliminates duplicate data collection effort

Automatic Historical Data Archiving

Saving data for future referenceDEXTER maintains a permanent record of equipment performance over its life cycle, much like a “black box” recorder on an aircraft. It does this using industry standard database software – no special hardware is required. Controls are provided to adjust data recording frequency based on your needs.

  • Makes tracking equipment health easy

  • Satisfies classification society requirements

  • Transfers information between crew rotations

  • Data is easily accessible by other software

Equipment Health Displays

Monitoring performance to suit the user - graphs, gauges, trends...DEXTER delivers real-time and historical views of equipment health to your crew, no matter where they are located. Easy to read software gauges provide a familiar presentation that allows any monitored data point to be quickly interrogated. The software also allows easy creation of custom data displays, such as mimic diagrams, which clearly show key system conditions in real-time. DEXTER’s graphical visualization features are well-liked by our customers because they are simple and easy to use.

  • Mimics - showing real-time data to suit the applicationExcellent tool for validating equipment health
        - Quickly examine any condition
        - Resolve suspected problems
        - Compare different components
        - Balance operating conditions

  • Easy to use – no training required

  • Flexible – create your own displays


DEXTER automates trouobleshooting 24/7
DEXTER uses expert knowledge and advanced techniques to automatically analyze large amounts of data, freeing your crews to perform other maintenance tasks. DEXTER continuously checks equipment health by detecting off-normal conditions and generating diagnostic alerts that are valid and useful. Its expert-level analysis directs maintenance crews to the most likely problems based on real-time and historical evidence automatically extracted from machine data.




  • Built-in expertise reduces the complexity of the troubleshooting process

  • Supports true condition-based maintenance

  • Consistent and continuous equipment health assessment

  • Directs maintenance crews to the right problem

  • Eliminates wasted M&R efforts

  • Smart analysis is not dependant on crew skills

  • Restores normal operations at minimal expense

Failure Prediction

Predicting problems and time to failure with confidenceNo one can really predict the future, but DEXTER comes as close as you can get. By continuously and automatically monitoring even very subtle performance deviations over time, DEXTER is able to predict likely equipment problems at their earliest stages of development, providing you with enough forewarning to prevent expensive shutdowns and failure situations. Cost avoidance, productivity improvement and increased profits are the by-products of DEXTER's advanced failure prediction capabilities. Features like predicted time-to-failure, adjustable prediction horizons, automated trending analysis and probabilistic ranking of predicted failures, give you all the tools needed to avoid problems and intelligently plan future maintenance. DEXTER truly automates the CBM process by using the same diagnostic knowledgebase for both diagnostics and prognostics.

  • Fix small problems before they become big, expensive problems

  • Provides confidence of reliable operations over next trip

  • Reduces expensive reactive maintenance activities

  • Optimizes forward maintenance planning

Knowledge Management

Capturing valuable company assets - crew knowledgeOne of DEXTER's most useful features is its ability to organize and apply expert troubleshooting knowledge to save money. The expert diagnostic knowledge is the core intelligence behind DEXTER's diagnostics and prognostics. Detailed diagnostic information is typically generated from a failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). You can capture both practical and theoretical knowledge in an easy-to-use database. This diagnostic 'knowledgebase' can then be managed by incorporating new knowledge about equipment behaviors and failure modes based on real-world experience. As the knowledgebase grows over time, it becomes a valuable company asset that, with DEXTER, can dramatically improve the productivity of your maintenance staff and the reliability of your machinery.

  • Captures knowledge before it leaves

  • Replicates expertise

  • Distributes diagnostic knowledge throughout the fleet

  • Exploits expensive lessons learned through knowledge growth and management

Remote Monitoring

All too often situations occur that require an expert technician 'on the scene' to resolve complex problems. DEXTER's advanced distributed computing technology now allows remote users to connect 'live' to the machinery plant through a variety of connectivity options, ranging from simple dial-up to Internet and satellite links. This is an extremely powerful feature that provides substantial costs savings through remote technical support. Real-time equipment data can be delivered to any user, any time, anywhere. This remote viewing of equipment health, whether intra or Internet based, takes equipment health monitoring and data visualization to a global scale. DEXTER's data communications bandwidth requirements are minimal. Our remote monitoring feature requires no special or dedicated hardware for accessing real-time data other than those used for existing connectivity.

  • Remote technical support at minimal cost and delay

  • Connects remote technical experts 'live' to the machinery plant

  • Supports decision making by onboard crews through consensus with shore side staff

  • Resolves complex problems quickly




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